The blessed Seerah Of The Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) covered over the duration of 9 lessons by Ustadh Mawlana Ibrar Shafi (May Allah preserve him).

Full playlist can be found here on youtube

PDF notes for each lesson can be downloaded here also.

Seerah Lecture 1 Notes – The Prophets Lineage ﷺ & Pre-Islamic Arabia

Seerah Lecture 2 Notes – The Year Of The Elephant – The Birth Of The Prophet ﷺ

Seerah Lecture 3 Notes – Marriage To Khadija | Beginning Of Revelations & Da’wah | Persecution Of The Believers

Seerah Lecture 4 Notes – The First Hijrah – The Night Journey

Seerah Lecture 5 Notes – Hijrah To Madinah | Permission To Fight| Battle Of Badr

Seerah Lecture 6 Notes – Aftermath Of Badr – Battle Of Uhud

Seerah Lecture 7 Notes – 5th & 6th Year | Battle Of The Trenches| Treaty Of Hudaybia

Seerah Lecture 8 Notes – 7th & 8th Year | Battle Of Khaybar| Fath Makkah | Battle Of Hunayn | Siege Of Taif

Seerah Lecture 9 Notes – 9th, 10th & 11th Year AH| The Final Years Of The Prophet’s ﷺ Life